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      Redirect Solution      

   Redirect to your current website. $39.00 per year includes:

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  • 1 Domain Name
  • Hosted Redirect Page
  • Web Stats once a year
  • No Set-up Fee

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Redirect Solution

You get redirected on the internet all the time and unless you watch the address bar very closely you may never have noticed. There are many reasons websites do this but these may be the reasons you have...

Do you have a website but it is located at a complicated address? 

For only $39.00 per year you can have a web address that is less confusing or easier to type then the one you have now for your website address. 

This is also a great solution if you want to register a domain name(s) that you think your competitors might grab. You can then redirect it to your current site.  

Our 1 page website lists all your contact information. And you can add a short description about your company or organization. Plus a "Reward" box.

We upload your website for you. We include the hosting, domain name registration and if you have an e-mail address we will include that as well.  

With this package you get a 1 page website with your own Domain Name.

Want to see an example of how it works?  

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Our RedHeaded helper says you may need more than one page. Try our 3 page website package.
"Our Redirect Solution Package still includes some of the great features you get with all our packages."

checkmark  A Domain Name: This is not a sub-domain it is a real domain name. You can have the name you like as long as it is available.  For more about domain names see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

checkmark  Hosting: We host your site for you. You do not need to learn how to work in C-Panel or Plesk or how to upload your website. With our 5-page Brochure Package we include web-mail. For more about hosting see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

checkmark  Stats: We send you stats about your web page. For our 1 page websites this happens 2 times a year. These stats help you keep track of how your site is doing.  See more about stats.

Our RedHeaded helper says you may need more than one page. Try our 3 page website package.
"So you need more space!!."
"Maybe our 1, 3 or 5 page Website is a better size."

1page website package for $99per year 3page page website package for $199per year 5page website package for $299per year
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