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"Let me tell you about our great products."

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"The easy first step is to pick the website SIZE you like."

1page website package for $99per year 3page page website package for $199per year 5page website package for $299per year
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Each of our packages, no matter what size, includes-

checkmark  A Domain Name: This is not a sub-domain it is a real domain name. You can have the name you like as long as it is available.  For more about domain names see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Domains

checkmark  Hosting: We host your site for you. You do not need to learn how to work in C-Panel or Plesk or how to upload your website. With our 5-page Brochure Package we include web-mail

checkmark  A Pre-designed website: All our website designs are professionally made and are multi-browser compatible. To get an idea of how good they really are please feel free to check out the designs we have for our 5-page Brochure Package websites

checkmark  Only Text is Needed: Our pre-designed websites are more then just templates. These sites are designed to need nothing more than for us to add your text. No designing on your end. You get all the features of a custom website with limited effort on your part. Plus this saves us a great deal of time and money so we pass that savings on to you, the customer.  See what text do I need.

checkmark  A Contact page: All your contact information is listed in an easy to access manner. This includes your name, address(es) and phone number(s). Also a link to an on-line map is provided, so people can find your main location fast and easy. Plus a paragraph or two about your business and/or history.  If you have e-mail we can add your e-mail address as well. Our 5 page websites has the addition of its own webbased email address. See more about e-mail addresses and avoiding SPAM

checkmark  Website Stats: Website stats tell you a lot about how your website is doing. We e-mail you a report which shows your website stats for each day of the month. As an example for our 5 page websites this happens 6 times a year, about once every two months. These stats help you keep track of how your site is doing. We are happy to go over your report with you on the phone so that you can take full advantage of this report. See more about web stats.

checkmark  Updating: We know that sometimes things change so we offer you a free update each year in addition to your renewal update. That means you really get two chances to change your website each year. We want to help you keep your site fresh and current. See more about updating.

checkmark  A 'Mention this Website Reward' box: While this is optional we recommend that you offer the visitors to your website a reward for mentioning they visited. This will give you feedback on how well your site is doing. This can be anything from a small gift to a discount. This reward box appears on your contact page with your contact information. See more about the Reward box.

checkmark  Customer referrals: With only a few exceptions because of design, almost all of our pre-designed websites have a place for you to put your customers comments or referrals. These referrals add credibility to your website. If you do not have customer quotes then try a famous or interesting quotation instead.

"Our Pre-designed Websites reduce the hassle and cut costs."

One of the most expensive and time consuming parts of putting up any website is designing or building the web-site in the first place. This is where most people get stuck, that is why you see so many websites that say "Under Construction"

Until now hiring some else to do it cost just too much money $ $ $.

"We found a solution to that 'Under Construction' sign."

The solution we found was to offer professionally made pre-designed websites. And we add the all the text for you. We make sure it gets coded right so it looks great, just the way you intended it to. Yes, that make us your professional website designers and you only need to worry about the text.  Putting it all together, that's our job.

Making pre-designed templates saves us money. And we can then pass on the cost savings to You!.

"All in one simple package, too!"

In one simple package, we include the hosting and the domain name, in addition to the designing. That way the you never needs to touch the website, or worry about how to get the site on line.

At we offer you the choice of either a 1-page Business Card package, a  3-page Pamphlet package or a 5-page Brochure package. Each package has a selection of pre-designed websites to choose from.

Our RedHeaded helper ask if you need some custom features.
"All that is left to answer is how many pages do you want?"

1page website package for $99per year 3page page website package for $199per year 5page website package for $299per year
1 page website
arrow to right 3 page website
arrow to right 5 page website


"Or, maybe you only need our..."


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You have a website but it has a complicated address. We can help with our Redirect Solution for only $39.00 per year.


Need more help call us 24/7 for a no obligation consultation.